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Meet the Teachers

Julanda Davies


Julanda Davies, seasoned choir director and vocal coach with 25 years of expertise, is recognized for her specialization in diverse genres, including pop, gospel, and classical music.

Christina Riley

Beginning Piano, Group Classes ages 3-8

Christina is the passionate founder of The Heart of Rock N Roll. She offers beginner piano and Mini-Musician Group Classes for ages 3-8.

Austyn Estey-Ang

Piano, Saxophone, Flute, Oboe

Austyn Estey-Ang is a freelance wind musician and pianist in San Diego, California who performs music of all different genres throughout Southern California. He is a member of the iconic San Diego based bands Doah's Daydream, Futuresexuals, and the Sophia Sugarman project. He is also on the oboe sub list for the San Diego Symphony

Ernesto Rico


Ernesto E. Rico is a seasoned percousnist with a career spanning over two decades long.

Dylan Farrell

Bass, Guitar

Dylan Farrell has played Guitar and Bass for 15 years and has been a professional gigging musician for almost 10 years.

James Clarkston

Ukulele, Guitar

James Clarkston loves teaching and performing music for a
living. In college he majored in music and fell in love with
Classical Guitar and Flamenco Guitar.

Andy Sanchez

Guitar, Piano, Accordion, Harmonica

Andy loves music of all styles and teaches group music classes at the local Elementary School.

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