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Christina Riley

Beginning Piano, Group Classes ages 3-8

Christina, born and raised in sunny San Diego, heard her Middle School Band playing after school on her first day of 6th grade ... she excitedly ran home to tell her mother that she wanted to join. Although she had a very strong desire to learn to play the Saxopone, her mom came home from the Pawn Shop with a Clarinet instead ... so the Clarinet she played! From that point on MUSIC was her passion. Christina is the proud owner of The Heart of Rock N Roll and Humble Heart Music and Thrift. Her long time dreams are now coming true with the start of the music store now offering kids music lessons and an all-ages Live Music Venue! Christina offers beginner piano, Mini-Musician Group Classes for ages 3-8 and clarinet.

(619) 326-8212


Christina Riley
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