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Parallel Lines
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Music is nothing else but wild sounds civilized into time and tune ...

Long ago I dreamt of creating a space where young people could gather together to release the wild sounds of their hearts ... an environment to encourage  the desire to learn, create and perform music. Welcome to my dream ... The Heart of Rock N Roll! Offering individual lessons, group lessons, monthly performance opportunities and more.  I have hand-selected a wonderful variety of teachers who will not only methodically guide their students but inspire them as well.  All of our teachers are qualified instructors and avid performers in the local music scene here in San Diego.  Every Heart of Rock N Roll student will have the opportunity to watch their teachers perform right here on our stage AND even perform with them too!  Check out our teacher page and start your musical journey with us today!!

~ Christina Riley


  • Private 30 minute lessons - starting at $50 per week

  • Private 60 minute lessons - starting at $80 per week

  • Group Lessons for Ages 3-8 - 30 minutes starting at $30 per student

  • Group "Rock Band" Lessons for Ages 9-16 - 30 minutes starting at $30 per student

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