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David Rakieten

Beat Boxing

David Lewis Rakieten, also known as Loopy Lew, is a beatboxer, loop station artist, and entertainer.

Loopy Lew uses his vocal percussion techniques to craft songs and musical sets alongside his handy-dandy loop station which helps glue the production together.

Originally from Minnesota and now residing in Ocean Beach, he has spent the last nine years in San Diego studying and now working as an Electrical Engineer,

Beyond his electrical work, he has spent the last fifteen years learning and mastering the niche musical skill of beatboxing (a.k.a vocal percussion).

Additional skillsets such as theatrical performance and stage management have also had a direct influence in his performance style over the years.

Lew’s goal is to help students learn fundamental vocal percussion techniques while simultaneously understanding the basics of drum theory and music theory.

Lew’s mission is to teach students that beatboxing is an instrument, and inspire them to embrace their musicianship in a way that sustains their growth into the future.


David Rakieten
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